Where Filmmaking Comes Down to a Price...


Learn to "Study the Greats" like Kurosawa, Hitchcock, Ford and more.  Understanding the History of Film Technique is essential. 

Media Math

Filmmaking used to always be expensive.  Nowadays, one can shoot on an iPhone - which I'm going to do.  But if you have a big-budget project and need to get that number down. How do you think about it?


The best way to figure out how to do your film is with consistent strategies and strategic thinking.  From a lot of years in the trenches, we will look at how people have embraced cost-cutting or cost-saving measures - and came up with a better film!

Film Case Study #1

Hitchcock was meticulous with his preparations, storyboard and shooting.  In fact, he had a plan to make sure the movie made it to the screen 'his' way.

"American History X"

This iconic cult film had plenty of challenges with its production and budget.  New Line Cinema wanted Tony Kaye's first feature film - and a lot of people wanted in.


"I wish Michael were alive and making films.  I could've used his insight, help and hard work on many projects."

- John Ford

"Working with anyone else is only for The Birds."

- Alfred Hitchcock

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