Remembering Don Rickles

I had borrowed a friend’s car to get to an interview. Mine was in the shop. The meeting was near Little Santa Monica and Wilshire. Parked in the structure, had the interview and got back to a flat tire. No tire iron in the trunk. Guy was going to his car and I ask for a tire iron.


He came back with it. He asked my name. “Mandaville? Sounds French. You were going to surrender to the tire?” I told him that I was half Irish and half German. “So the Mick half gets pissed off and the German half gets the pissed off half organized, right?” I agreed. And so it went for ten minutes or so. Changed the tire, returned the tire iron and thanked him. He said, “Quit wasting my time, hockey puck.” But with a smile.

I can hardly remember the interview. I have always treasured that flat tire.

RIP Mr. Rickles. Thanks for your always humorous lesson in Chutzpah…with kindness thrown in.