#VIDCON-LiveBlogging – Seminar: “Right Content, Right Platform”



Seminar:  ”The Right Content for the Right Platform”


Thursday 10 am June 22

Jon Burk – Director of Digital Strategy and Marketing – (Strategist)

Ryan Bell – Director of Digital Strategy Hydro Studios  (Practioner)

Evie Why – Graphic Designer/Producer (Creator)


Case Study:  Al Roker

Roker has gone live on TV since 1987 one way or the other.  Last year, he decided to get Live tech and used Meerkat which crashed and burned.  He then moved into Periscope and Facebook Live.

Brands get involved particularly in Al’s food show interests.  He worked a cooking show with Matthew Mcconaughey’s wife.  He also moved into Chefschock to check out cooking shows with Twitch.

These programs allow Live Engagement between the Personality and the Audience to develop followers.

Burk:  ”We used a lot of kinds of methods like green screen, multi camera and live.  Many types of technology used.  The key is the community of Live Creators, a group of people who really liked Live events.”

Bell: ”The Periscope community started big when the Pope was visiting.  Meerkat collapsed as useful technology.  Periscope grew into 360LiveStreaming and other communities.  There are a lot of bodies in the live streaming cemetery.  You want to understand the tech and do a lot of work to only get two views.”  VIDCON has multiple discussions and perspectives on the use of this technology.

Burk:  ”Periscope announced monetization of their Live tech but few of you have heard of it.  Like 2%.  Facebook Live is the way to go.”

Case Study: Never Settle Show

Facebook has the audience so Facebook Live is an extension of the known and growing audience with a lot of Big Data for analytics.  One example is Mario Armstrong who has a personality online and is already sponsored by FedEx.  Mario is launching the ”Never Settle” Show on Facebook Live”.

Mario is using his Facebook Live show to expand with Instagram, FB and other platforms which is what’s examined here at VIDCON  Here are the statistics on the show:

Study:  Obama Farewell Address in 360

They received a lot of press on 360, Mashable, etc.,  so that they had a good lead-in for the goodbye speech.

Study:  MDA Telethon – Jerry Lewis

They now use multi platforms and a lifestream for 24 hours on Twitch. 








Live Streaming Apps

Major platforms that allow people to make a living.   Performers are given assets from the community whether those are hard (money) or soft (applause and recognition).



Evie entertains people in her Live shows.  She emphasized authenticity in her work and her shows.  Microinfluencers are getting bigger and bigger.  The bigger influencer may not have higher engagement with their audience.  The mid level Microinfluencers have more engagement and therefore deeper influence.  But this all depends on the Brand or the Agency.