#VIDCON – 10 Videos Essentials for the Funnel

The “Funnel” is a sales technique for getting customers from Interest to Purchase.  Customers can be anybody and any interest – getting them to your musical channel, your purchase page, your service page and more.  At this seminar, a gentlemen talks about how to use various video techniques for sales.


While he had 10 video examples, I’m picking a couple.  Mostly because I have to run off to another seminar.

VideoStyle: Thought Leader Series

Video White Paper/Case Study are prominent in this area whereby an authority discusses a detailed paper outling the attributes – benefits and features of their service or product.  More products than musical acts

-use of a Guide to induce people to sign up for the video.

Guidebooks help a lot because people will want knowledge and details.

-effective – use a teaser video

A teaser video, created to induce curiousity is a key component.


Video Creation – considerations and planning for your Online Video Media strategy

Secrets in the Thought Leader Series:

One Big Epiphany Per Video

Don’t have too many AHA moments.  Have one BIG ONE which carries throughout the video so that customers remember that one key selling point.  You have to know your product, or target sale to do that.  Study the personas – what makes your customers buy your product or service.

Create a Video Channel Website (Think Like a Media Company)

See that your company is a destination for this knowledge.  Become a Media company repping your product or service.

Gated Content Requires Building Up a Perceived Value

You might have two kinds of content.  The general kind and then the Gated content which requires action on the part of visitors – newsletter, purchase, monthly fee, etc.  Make sure that you build up the Perceived Value of the Gated Content first to induce sales in a sales funnel.



Email Video – spurs massive growth with 2x clickthrough rates compared to non-video emails.

VideoStyle: One-Thing Webinar

A single focused webinar can work wonders because it’s a live participatory event.  But make it a One-Thing Webinar.

Own The Framework

if you are trying to convince the audience in a Call to Action, then own the framework.  Create the area of discussion.  For example, Convincing a Person:  if you can’t agree with a person, then animate above the level of the issue.  Adopt their framework and then try to convince them.  going above the issue or the disagreement about the issue often elevates the conversation – and then allow you to convince them.

Connect Your Prospects With Your Thought Leader

Make sure to connect your potential customers with the thought leader in the webinar.  Similar interests, tone, look, dress.   Mirroring that speaker with your customers invites a sense of camaraderie and similar interests.

Build a Webinar Specific Sales Funnel

Make sure that the Webinar Sales funnel is unique for the product.  Not one Sales Funnel fits all.  Make the webinar work for all the attributes of the specific product.