Article: IndieWire – 10 Common Reasons Scripts are Rejected

Indiewire is a great resource for writers.  Check out this article if you are a writer who always wants to learn more – and how to do things better.

The 10 Most Common Reasons Why Scripts Are Rejected

Author Corey Mandell teaches an online video class for screenwriters.  Here is one of the ten sections.

1. The scenes are void of meaningful conflict.

I have found that roughly five percent of writers naturally write in professional-level conflict, by which I mean the kind of conflict that hooks a reader and makes them want to keep reading. The other 95% percent write scripts that routinely get rejected after a scene or two. But nobody tells the writers this. So they know they’re failing, but often don’t know why.

The good news is that professional-level conflict is a learnable skill based on techniques that can be practiced and mastered. If you don’t naturally write this way, as most writers don’t, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is that you make the investment to train yourself in these skills.
As Michelle Tanner, who has nine years experience reading and analyzing scripts for the studios and major production companies, told my UCLA class, “Do whatever you can to learn how to write in professional-level compelling conflict. Because without that, you have no shot at making it. Without writing in compelling conflict, you are simply wasting your time.”