Fun Production Problem Solving Skills: $10 DIY Camera Slider!

A Slider adds a little move in the frame to make the shot interesting.  They have become essential to today’s filmmaking with that gentle glide used to facilitate movement and interesting frames.  You can build one.  Again, even if you don’t build one, then watch the video as a Production Problem Solver.

Shopping List:

2- Deep Handy Box

2- 3/4″ PVC Tee:

2- 3/4″ PVC Coupling:

PVC Cutter:

#6 – 32 x 2″ in Machine Screws:

6-32 Machine nuts


1- Drill bit:

1- 3/4 PVC Pipes:

1- 1/2 EMT:

4- 1/2″ EMT Connecters: