Film Incentives and Watching State Finances

Incentive are a key component of Film and TV Financing packages these days.  These vital elements come in many varieties:  States like California (okay), Georgia (the best).   Countries like Canada – More »

South Africa Welcomes 19th Century Bruce Lee Project

Bruce Lee was consumed with a passion project about the Chinese Tongs (basically the mafia) in 19th Century San Francisco.  The Tong Wars were vicious and gave us the term ‘hatchet man’. More »

WGA and AMPTP Make Deal and Avert Strike

Up to the actual May 2nd deadline to call a strike, the WGA and AMPTP made a deal on numerous points to avoid a potentially disastrous strike to Hollywood’s film and media More »

International Productions Finance Model & “Lion”

International Productions are at the forefront of the Film Finance Model because many countries offer a number of attributes which make for a positive finance model in today’s highly competitive film production More »

Media Math: Shooting in Eastern Europe is Much Cheaper

Poland Increases Production Plans by the Polish government to introduce a 25 percent cash rebate for domestic and international features, documentaries and high-end television dramas this year will bring Eastern Europe’s biggest More »


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7 Ways To Screw Up Your Film’s Budget-#2: Inaccurate Estimate

Writers Need To Become Producers In numerous cases, I have had a producer or executive hand me a script, point to it and say, “You can do this film for $5 million.” 

Video: What is a Film Budget Top Sheet?

I am doing a series of videos on physical production.  I queried friends on where should I start.  I was asked numerous times about a “Top Sheet”.  A Top Sheet is the

7 Ways To Screw Up Your Film Budget-Reason #1: Finance

Writers Need To Become Film Producers  Many times, when a producer or a writer hires me to create and producer a schedule and budget, they have very similar misconceptions or omissions upon

Why Don’t Films Shoot Scenes in Sequence?

Cost. Pure and simple. When  shooting a police drama TV show or feature (for example), you might revisit some locations more than a few times in Script Sequence (from scenes 1 to

French New Wave Changed Cinema – FilmmakingWithaCalculator!

The Techniques associated with French New Wave Filmmaking were improvisation, low cost equipment, shots which defied conventional tracking shot systems, i.e., handheld as well as the minimal setup time to achieve a

Production Glossary – Links

Production Glossary – Filmland Organized by Alphabet and very extensive.  The definition of “Butthead” still applies – no matter how much technology changes!   New York Film Academy Student Resources A

Writer-Producers! Learn about Global Film Rates

Writers are fascinating creatures, existing in their own little worlds in its most fantastic forms – creatures, wars, adventures, fantasy worlds, the depths of the ocean and more. Scripts come alive when

Michael’s Quora Answer: Hierarchy of Assistant Directors

In the United States, a hierarchy absolutely exists in the Production Staff which is where the Assistant Director is included in both the budget as well as in the proper union –

Michael’s Quora Answer: Finding Connections in the Industry?

The Film Industry is no longer the “Film Industry”! It is now the Media Industry (including film, tv, streaming, internet, etc., ) which has vastly more Opportunities than ever for creating content,

Question: Write Treatments as Producer or Writer?

I think that one’s particular Point-Of-View – Producer or Writer – determines how you would write up a Treatment.  Furthermore, a Producer may need a Treatment for creative purposes only.  Let me

Vimeo – Cancels SVOD Plans

Vimeo is a creative community platform primarily – though it does have payment options in its PRO version.   They were planning to become an SVOD channel with original programming, but abruptly

#VIDCON – Instagram Tips and Strategies sponsored a significant extended session which discussed Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Snapchat.  I am not really a Snapchat user.  But I do use Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.   CRITICAL UNDERSTANDING:  Each

#VIDCON – 10 Videos Essentials for the Funnel

The “Funnel” is a sales technique for getting customers from Interest to Purchase.  Customers can be anybody and any interest – getting them to your musical channel, your purchase page, your service

#VIDCON – LiveBlogging: “How to Appeal to Millenials”

Seminar:  ”How to Appeal to Millenials” 11:00 AM Various Speakers Young people are very diverse – only 20% who go to college go to four year degrees.   It’s challenging to market

#VIDCON-LiveBlogging – Seminar: “Right Content, Right Platform”

Thursday #VIDCON2017 Seminar:  ”The Right Content for the Right Platform”   Thursday 10 am June 22 Jon Burk – Director of Digital Strategy and Marketing – (Strategist) Ryan Bell – Director of

#VIDCON2017 – Opening Night

  #VIDCON2017 opened up at the Anaheim Convention center for a four day run.  An exciting four days at the premiere Online Video convention.  I was on my way to the Hilton

Film Incentives and Watching State Finances

Incentive are a key component of Film and TV Financing packages these days.  These vital elements come in many varieties:  States like California (okay), Georgia (the best).   Countries like Canada –

VIDCON – Upcoming conference with Live Blogging

I will be attending the VIDCON 2017 conference in Anaheim and live blogging the event.   June 21st through June 25th. You can follow me here on my website. What is VIDCON?

The Fate of the Movie Business ….Pirate Films in a Mall

Granted, it’s in a Mall in Ethiopia – but probably made in China! Check out the Story here.      

Vimeo Enters the Subscription Video Galaxy

In competition with Netflix and Amazon, Vimeo is pushing into services for Subscription Video. Vimeo is planning to launch a subscription video service that, according to interim CEO Joey Levin, will deliver