Film Incentives and Watching State Finances

Incentive are a key component of Film and TV Financing packages these days.  These vital elements come in many varieties:  States like California (okay), Georgia (the best).   Countries like Canada – More »

South Africa Welcomes 19th Century Bruce Lee Project

Bruce Lee was consumed with a passion project about the Chinese Tongs (basically the mafia) in 19th Century San Francisco.  The Tong Wars were vicious and gave us the term ‘hatchet man’. More »

WGA and AMPTP Make Deal and Avert Strike

Up to the actual May 2nd deadline to call a strike, the WGA and AMPTP made a deal on numerous points to avoid a potentially disastrous strike to Hollywood’s film and media More »

International Productions Finance Model & “Lion”

International Productions are at the forefront of the Film Finance Model because many countries offer a number of attributes which make for a positive finance model in today’s highly competitive film production More »

Media Math: Shooting in Eastern Europe is Much Cheaper

Poland Increases Production Plans by the Polish government to introduce a 25 percent cash rebate for domestic and international features, documentaries and high-end television dramas this year will bring Eastern Europe’s biggest More »


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Tutorial: Breaking Glass in After Effects

Michael Stark breaks down the cracked glass effect from Car Chase.  

No VFX: Laser Gun Sketch

No vfx in this one. Download and add your own vfx, color grading and widescreen. Laser gun & odd shot vfx tutorial: Vomit Rainbow & Arris hit tutorial:

Animating 2D Birds in After Effects (Extended Tutorial)

Timmy Allen (@timmy_allen) takes us in-depth on how he created the birds for Adobe and the Frog. Be sure to follow Timmy on twitter!

Making the Film – The Show Before Film Riot

For hitting 1 Million subscribers, we wanted to show you guys where we started! We watch the episode:

Creating a Proton Pack Energy Stream

Stark shows how he did the energy stream from our Ghostbusters episode. Follow Stark on twitter: Follow Film Riot on twitter:

TUTORIAL: VFX with scale models – part1

In part 1 of this tutorial video we look at how to shoot the model, apply a color key inside Adobe After Effects and composite it into a background environment in a

Ghost Effect with Softimage

Today we have special guest Paul Griswold to walk us through a tutorial for how he pulled off the Brian Ghost Effect from the Halloween episode of Film Riot. Paul’s website: Free

Tutorial: Compositing Part 1 – (Multi-Channel Comping)

Stark gives the basics of multi-channel compositing. Follow Stark on twitter: Follow Film Riot on twitter:

Create Realistic Jet Scenes in Adobe After Effects – part1

In this video tutorial we look at creating realistic jet scenes in Adobe After Effects using Videocopilot Element 3D and Jet Strike. In part 1 we cover animating the background, adding the

TUTORIAL: Muzzle Flash – part 1, flash & smoke

In part 1 of of our muzzle flash tutorial we look at creating flash and smoke inside Adobe After Effects using the fractal noise effect. In part 2 we will look at

Tutorial: Wire Removal in After Effects

Sean Mullen of Rampant Design teaches how he did the wire removal for our High Fall Action Scene. Watch High Fall – Sean on twitter – Rampant Design – Follow Film Riot

VFX with scale models

Indie filmmaking: doing visual effects or SFX shots with miniatures. This video was done using a 1/48 scale model kit. It was shot on a Canon 650D/Rebel T4i and assembled in Adobe

MUZZLE FLASH in Adobe After Effects

Create a realistic muzzle flash effect in Adobe After Effects. In this video we set the scene for the tutorial which will follow. All muzzle flashes and ejecting bullet shells in this

Improve your aerial explosions with compositing techniques in After Effects

In this VFX video tutorial we show you how to improve your Videocopilot aerial explosions using some simple compositing techniques in Adobe After Effects. Aerial explosions are part of the Flight Kit

Videocopilot Jet Strike test and REVIEW

In this video we review Jet Strike and Flight Kit from Videocopilot. Jet Strike is a great 3D model pack that works inside Videocopilot’s Element plugin for Adobe After Effects.

Always Learning: Shoot Your Film…Today!

My search for Filmmaking Videos of all calibers and attitudes led me to this video at DSLRGuide.  I like his simple approach to the subject and simple advice: Pick Better Locations and

Always Learning: Visual Comedy vs. Crappy Improv

  What Is Real Comedy “Every Frame a Painting” has some insightful ideas into the decline of American comedy movies. First, the greats of American cinema were in the Silent Era.  Harold

Always Learning: How To Do Action Comedy