International Productions Finance Model & “Lion”

International Productions are at the forefront of the Film Finance Model because many countries offer a number of attributes which make for a positive finance model in today’s highly competitive film production More »

Media Math: Shooting in Eastern Europe is Much Cheaper

Poland Increases Production Plans by the Polish government to introduce a 25 percent cash rebate for domestic and international features, documentaries and high-end television dramas this year will bring Eastern Europe’s biggest More »

Media Math: To Finance Your Film, You Must Consider Real Numbers and Realities

Budgeting Real Finance Numbers Many financing arrangements require financing costs and steep banking arrangements. These elements are not taken into consideration. Let’s be clear: The topic of Film Finance is a very More »

Media Math: How Writers Should Think about Film Budgets Part 1

Broad Sense of the Film Budget and Producer’s Intention Film Production budgeting requires a lot of detail – but it starts with the broad strokes from the Producer. I need to know More »

Media Math: More Movies Shot in a Single Location

Hitch himself labelled Rope "an experiment that didn't work out", and though it's far from his most scintillating of tales, it's more of a technical achievement than a triumph of storytelling. After More »


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Shane Hurlbut On Cinematography! – FULL


Production Techniques: Exposure Explained

Great basic explanation of exposure which impacts the quality of the media.  Learning about Exposure – whether in digital or traditional film – is more than just about exposure.  Understanding the craft

Production Technique: Creating the Illusion of Depth

You can create Depth by utilizing these 5 Techniques explained by Cinematographer Matthew Rosen Cinema on the big screen – and now its no longer red-headed stepchild Television – requires some illusions

Filmmaking Techniques

Using a camera smartly is a great skill