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Three Must Read Articles On Film’s Future

Three Articles give a lot of direction to the State of the Film Industry and here are a few quick summaries. Article 1 – Cord Cutting First up, an article on the massive ‘cord cutting’ that is surging through America.  These cable packages are expensive and restrictive.  You pay for 8 channels you have no…

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Article: IndieWire – 10 Common Reasons Scripts are Rejected

Indiewire is a great resource for writers.  Check out this article if you are a writer who always wants to learn more – and how to do things better. The 10 Most Common Reasons Why Scripts Are Rejected Author Corey Mandell teaches an online video class for screenwriters.  Here is one of the ten sections.…

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Fun Fact – A King At War With…Himself?

  Historical ‘ties’ show no mercy in this post where the bonds of a King extend into the most absurd arrangements.    A great source of writing is the study of history where characters come alive on the page – to the screen – from the world’s most notorious conflicts between people, states and the Tides…

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