Film Incentives and Watching State Finances

Incentive are a key component of Film and TV Financing packages these days.  These vital elements come in many varieties:  States like California (okay), Georgia (the best).   Countries like Canada – More »

South Africa Welcomes 19th Century Bruce Lee Project

Bruce Lee was consumed with a passion project about the Chinese Tongs (basically the mafia) in 19th Century San Francisco.  The Tong Wars were vicious and gave us the term ‘hatchet man’. More »

WGA and AMPTP Make Deal and Avert Strike

Up to the actual May 2nd deadline to call a strike, the WGA and AMPTP made a deal on numerous points to avoid a potentially disastrous strike to Hollywood’s film and media More »

International Productions Finance Model & “Lion”

International Productions are at the forefront of the Film Finance Model because many countries offer a number of attributes which make for a positive finance model in today’s highly competitive film production More »

Media Math: Shooting in Eastern Europe is Much Cheaper

Poland Increases Production Plans by the Polish government to introduce a 25 percent cash rebate for domestic and international features, documentaries and high-end television dramas this year will bring Eastern Europe’s biggest More »


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Article: IndieWire – 10 Common Reasons Scripts are Rejected

Indiewire is a great resource for writers.  Check out this article if you are a writer who always wants to learn more – and how to do things better. The 10 Most

Writer Curiousity: Chinese Click Farm Creates Likes?

I saw this article about the world of “Likes” and other internet induced marketing schemes.  This Click Machine is in China.  As they say, a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.  Article

Fun Fact – A King At War With…Himself?

  Historical ‘ties’ show no mercy in this post where the bonds of a King extend into the most absurd arrangements.    A great source of writing is the study of history where

Michael’s Martini – Wikileaks Dump Surprises on Russia, iphone, Scope of CIA

WRITER’S CURIOUSITY The CIA has certainly been a writer’s engine for great thrillers in both film, TV and writing.  Just the Tom Clancy novels alone were amazing inspiration from the CIA.  And