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#VIDCON – Instagram Tips and Strategies

CreatorUp.com sponsored a significant extended session which discussed Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Snapchat.  I am not really a Snapchat user.  But I do use Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.   CRITICAL UNDERSTANDING:  Each

#VIDCON – 10 Videos Essentials for the Funnel

The “Funnel” is a sales technique for getting customers from Interest to Purchase.  Customers can be anybody and any interest – getting them to your musical channel, your purchase page, your service

#VIDCON-LiveBlogging – Seminar: “Right Content, Right Platform”

Thursday #VIDCON2017 Seminar:  ”The Right Content for the Right Platform”   Thursday 10 am June 22 Jon Burk – Director of Digital Strategy and Marketing – (Strategist) Ryan Bell – Director of

#VIDCON2017 – Opening Night

  #VIDCON2017 opened up at the Anaheim Convention center for a four day run.  An exciting four days at the premiere Online Video convention.  I was on my way to the Hilton